Nellie “Oh Honey” Beavers

I asked for cameras for Christmas for as long as she can remember. In 2014, I took a class with Katie Murray who changed what I saw when I looked through the lens. She encouraged us to shoot what we love. I love spectacle & glamour. I also love helping women feel beautiful. I have found that there are too many women who dwell on their flaws (which no one else sees, by the way) and don’t see the magical creatures that they are. Oh, Honey Beavers is about putting the Oh, Honey! back in how we see ourselves.

Christina Collura

Christina and I met on the second shoot I ever did. She was a model and also did the other girls’ makeup and hair. We became fast friends and have been working together ever since. She is not only top notch with a makeup brush, she also assists me on the photo shoot with an expert eye fine details and staging. No shoot is complete without her!


Nellie & Christina


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