Dances of Vice

Every summer the Burlesque Cruise sets sail with Dances of Vice and Manhattan by Sail at the helm. Themed evenings include 1940’s, 60’s Mod, Disco, and 1920’s. Shien Lee assembles a cast of characters sure to make a delightful evening in NY Harbor. Shelly Watson, Cassandra Rosebeetle, Raquel Reed, Madame Rosebud, Dandy Dillinger, Shien Lee,Continue reading “Dances of Vice”

BHOF All Stars and Icons

Hosted by BenDeLaCreme, the showcase included appearances from Sassy Lassy Award winner Ophelia Flame, Dirty Martini (Miss Exotic World 2004), Jo Weldon (Author of The Burlesque Handbook), Foxy Tann and Wham Bam Nation (Best Troupe 2006), Frenchie Kiss and Jett Adore (Best Duo 2012), Gaea Lady (Best Debut 2016), Imogen Kelly (Miss Exotic World 2012),Continue reading “BHOF All Stars and Icons”

BHOF Tournament of Tease!

BEST DEBUT Musette The Mistress of Mischief (Minneapolis, Minnesota) WINNER, Rubyyy Jones (London, United Kingdom) Winner, Most Innovative, Aurora Black (New York, New York), Egypt Blaque Knyle (Los Angeles, California), Elle Dorado (New Orleans, Louisiana), Faye Havoc (Vancouver, Canada), Ivory Fox (New York, New York), Jacqueline Boxx (Baltimore, Maryland), Lou Lou la Duchesse de RièreContinue reading “BHOF Tournament of Tease!”

BHOF Movers, Shakers and Innovators

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2017 kicked off in fine style last night with the Movers, Shakers and Innovators at the Orleans Showroom, Las Vegas. Hosted by Jeez Loueez, Sailor St. Claire and Fancy Feast, the showcase included performances from Nasty Canasta (Brooklyn, New York), Lou Safire (Ipswich, England), Lola LeSoleil (Atlanta, Georgia), St. Stella (Toronto,Continue reading “BHOF Movers, Shakers and Innovators”

LBF Tattoo Revue

Weds, May 11 2016, Dingwall’s Camden, UK If lipstick and ink is your thing, this all new signature show will get under your skin. Beautifully ornate body art is on display with a raucous revue of ladies and gentlemen. The show that leaves a forever lasting impression! Hosted by Dee Riley with Aima Indigo, AsimovContinue reading “LBF Tattoo Revue”

Trixie Little: Queen of Everything

On the heels of her win as the reigning Queen of Burlesque, Trixie Little has created a f*ckloric folktale, The Queen of Everything. Milk maid Trixie Litttlewurst is subject to the demands of a giant Cuckoo Clock, until a chance encounter with an old beggar woman launches Trixie on the ultimate heroine’s journey to retrieveContinue reading “Trixie Little: Queen of Everything”

Nerdlesque 2016

Held at The Marlin Room at Webster Hall The Nerdlesque Festival is the first ever festival dedicated to nerd and pop culture related burlesque. Created in 2014, this annual festival showcases the best in nerdlesque from across the globe, brought together for one jam-packed weekend in New York City full of shows, classes, parties, panels,Continue reading “Nerdlesque 2016”

Legends Calendar Show!

Tiny Twist Productions Presents: The 4th Annual Calendar Burlesque Show An official BHoF challenge. Help us get the Legends to Vegas! Buy Your Calendar Hosted by World Famous BoB With Tribute Performances by: Tiny Twist, Clara Coquette, Vada James, Zoe Ziegfeld, Corvette LeFace, Rosey LaRouge, Madame Rosebud, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Lily LeCroix, Miss Indigo Blue, Dirty Martini Gogo artists: Minx Arcana, Wae Messed, Gemini BlitzContinue reading “Legends Calendar Show!”

Kitten N Lou

What happens when a bodacious burlesque star and a diminutive drag king fall in love? Showbiz magic! Kitten N’ Lou, the world’s show-BUSIEST couple are an award winning ‘fluorescent Fred and Ginger’ who will dance, lip sync and strip their way through an evening of hilarious high-camp hijinks. Or at least that’s the plan…    Continue reading “Kitten N Lou”

Wasabassco Gilda’s Club Benefit

Wasabassco’s Benefit for Gilda’s Club Starring: BooBess, Cecilia Roux, Dolly Debutante, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Genie Adagio, Jenny C’est Quoi, Jezebel Express, Kita St Cyr, Legs Malone, Nasty Canasta, Nina La Voix, Puss-N-Boots, Sapphire Jones, Wae Messed, Zoe Ziegfeld and more About Gilda’s Club NYC: Gilda’s Club NYC (GCNYC) was founded in 1995 in memoryContinue reading “Wasabassco Gilda’s Club Benefit”

BHoF: Icons and All-Stars

Hosted by Emcees Ernie Von Schmaltz and Victoria DeVille, BHoF Weekend Closed with Performances by BHoF All Stars!  View the Full Shoot HERE Ernie Von Schmaltz and Victoria DeVille Miss Indigo Blue Ray Gunn Dirty Martini Roxi D’Lite Michelle L’Amour Stephanie Blake Tigger! LouLou D’vil  View the Full Shoot HERE

Wasabassco: Naked Detective

Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY April 23, 2015 Wasabassco Mystery Hour presents: The Case of the Falling Starlet sponsored by… Pasties! With Nasty Canasta as The Naked Detective and Sapphire Jones as her helpful housegirl. Also starring BooBess, Cecilia Roux, Doc Wasabassco, Gal Friday, Hazel Honeysuckle, Mala Morrigan, Man Candy, Sydni Deveraux and Tigger! Full NSFWContinue reading “Wasabassco: Naked Detective”

Twin Peaks

Pink Room Burlesque’s Twin Peaks: An Invitation to Love. March 6, 2015 Parkside Lounge, NYC. Hosted by Schaffer the Darklord; Performances by: Amelia Bareparts, Anja Keister, Legs Malone, Miz Margo “The Flying Fox”, Ruby Valentine & Francine “The Lucid Dream” – Petite Renard Kitten. Special appearance by Matt Wolfe An Invitation to Love: Valentine’s DayContinue reading “Twin Peaks”

Wasabassco Super Heroes and Villains

January 23, 2015 was the annual meeting of W.A.S.A.B.A.S.S.C.O. – the World Accord for Superhero / Archenemesis Balance And Stability Striptease Co-Operative – as they paired up the newest stark-naked supervillains who will menace this fair city with the brave heroes who will bare all to keep the streets safe! Starring Nasty Canasta, Sydni Deveraux, DangrrrContinue reading “Wasabassco Super Heroes and Villains”

Wasabassco 10th Anniversary

The 13 hour extravaganza that was the Wasabassco 10th Anniversary was indeed spectacular! Doc hosted quite the party, complete with food trucks, live bands, photo booth with Ellen Stagg, and hour upon hour of the best burlesque in NYC and North America!! Performers: Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, BooBess, Jenny C’est Quoi, Chris Harder, Red Herring, DollyContinue reading “Wasabassco 10th Anniversary”

NYBF 2014 Golden Pasties

September 28, 2014. The NYBF hosted The Golden Pasties at the Highline Ballroom. Hosted by Bastard Keith, Tunes provided by DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness. Performers included: VAL VALENTINE, PERLE NOIRE & GIN MINSKY (NYC), LITTLE BROOKLYN (NYC), MINNIE TONKA (NYC), LOU HENRY HOOVER (SEATTLE), PEEKABOO POINTE (NYC), KITTY LITTEUR (AUSTRALIA), BURGUNDY BRIXX (CANADA), BETTIE BLACKHEART (HELSINKI), RUBENESQUE BURLESQUE (OAKLAND, CA), MISS VAMPFIRE (ITALY), CALAMITY CHANG (NYC), THEContinue reading “NYBF 2014 Golden Pasties”

NYBF 2014 Premier Party

The Pontani Sisters and Thirsty Girl Productions present The New York Burlesque Festival, hosting burlesque, boylesque, and acrobatic acts from around the world! Albert Cadabra Hosted and DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness provided the thumpin’ bass at Brooklyn Bowl. Performers included: MAXI MILLIONS (AZ), ELLE DORADO (NEW ORLEANS), DOLORES DAQUIRI (AUSTRALIA), JONNY PORKPIE (NYC), MENA DOMINA (NM), SYDNI DEVERAUX (NYC), SAUCIContinue reading “NYBF 2014 Premier Party”

NYBF 2014 Teaser Party

Last night kicked off the New York Burlesque Festival’s 12th year at The Bell House in Brooklyn. The World Famous BOB Hosted. DJ Momotaro provided the tunes. Performers: DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA (NYC), PERLE NOIRE (NYC), RED HOT ANNIE (CHICAGO), MISS MINA MURRAY (BOSTON), ANNA EVANS (NYC), FRANK DOGGENSTEIN (HELSINKI), FRANCINE THE LUCID DREAM (NYC), GIN MINSKY, (NYC), BETTINA MAY (NYC), TINKER BELL (HELSINKI), AURORA BLACK (NYC), BIANCAContinue reading “NYBF 2014 Teaser Party”