Nude Shoot 1

Happy New Year! Here are some shots from my first studio shoot! We worked out of my home for privacy and used my new Canon SL1 with Tamron 28-270 lens. I also utilized Philips Hue light bulbs in my shadow boxes to be able to adjust the lighting brightness and… hue with the touch of a button from my phone! This was an incredible way to paint with light!! The model, who shall remain nameless per her request, was totally RAD!

Nude1-8441LickittySplit-8483LickittySplit-8401 LickittySplit-8466 LickittySplit-8477

NY Pinup Club

When I started my photography class, I really wanted to shoot burlesque performers and circus performers. The spectacle of it all was very attractive to me. I reached out to Wassabasco Burlesque because I wanted to shoot their Bathtub Gin Show, but they respectfully turned me down. I was finally able to shoot one of their models at the NY Pinup Club’s Film Noir shoot and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the group!

Full Shoot