Is that your real name?

Sort of! In the burlesque world (which is where I got my start in photography), it is customary to have a pseudonym… often with some cheeky double entendre. My REAL last name IS Beavers… so that was a no brainer! There is a great song called “Honey Rock” where the only lyric is “Honey, Oh, Honey!” combine the two and Oh, Honey Beavers! was born!

What do I wear?

You should wear whatever makes you feel great.


Do you provide clothes for the shoot?

I don’t have space in my house for clothes for everyone who comes through the studio (it’s New York, after all)… You can find lots of clothes in the Recommendations link above OR… HABITnyc in Midtown Manhattan has an amazing collection of 25,000 items that you can rent for our shoot.


I’m not a model, how will I know what to do?

It’s your lucky day! I have lots of experience helping people look their best. I have some tricks up my sleeve, and will share them ALL with you.

Can I listen to music?

Of Course! I’m totally connected! I have some great Spotify stations I’ve created for shoots. If your device has a headphone jack, we can hook it to the Bose speakers in my studio! I love mood music!

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