Dances of Vice

Every summer the Burlesque Cruise sets sail with Dances of Vice and Manhattan by Sail at the helm. Themed evenings include 1940’s, 60’s Mod, Disco, and 1920’s. Shien Lee assembles a cast of characters sure to make a delightful evening in NY Harbor. Shelly Watson, Cassandra Rosebeetle, Raquel Reed, Madame Rosebud, Dandy Dillinger, Shien Lee,Continue reading “Dances of Vice”

Dances of Vice Burlesque Cruise

Dances of Vice is and entertainment company producing high-end vintage inspired events all around New York City. It is my pleasure to attend and shoot these events. They force me to be extremely familiar with my camera settings and quick to shoot. These girls move fast, and we’re all on a boat in the dark.Continue reading “Dances of Vice Burlesque Cruise”