Wasabassco Gilda’s Club Benefit

Wasabassco’s Benefit for Gilda’s Club Starring: BooBess, Cecilia Roux, Dolly Debutante, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Genie Adagio, Jenny C’est Quoi, Jezebel Express, Kita St Cyr, Legs Malone, Nasty Canasta, Nina La Voix, Puss-N-Boots, Sapphire Jones, Wae Messed, Zoe Ziegfeld and more About Gilda’s Club NYC: Gilda’s Club NYC (GCNYC) was founded in 1995 in memoryContinue reading “Wasabassco Gilda’s Club Benefit”

Wasabassco: Naked Detective

Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY April 23, 2015 Wasabassco Mystery Hour presents: The Case of the Falling Starlet sponsored by… Pasties! With Nasty Canasta as The Naked Detective and Sapphire Jones as her helpful housegirl. Also starring BooBess, Cecilia Roux, Doc Wasabassco, Gal Friday, Hazel Honeysuckle, Mala Morrigan, Man Candy, Sydni Deveraux and Tigger! Full NSFWContinue reading “Wasabassco: Naked Detective”

Wasabassco Super Heroes and Villains

January 23, 2015 was the annual meeting of W.A.S.A.B.A.S.S.C.O. – the World Accord for Superhero / Archenemesis Balance And Stability Striptease Co-Operative – as they paired up the newest stark-naked supervillains who will menace this fair city with the brave heroes who will bare all to keep the streets safe! Starring Nasty Canasta, Sydni Deveraux, DangrrrContinue reading “Wasabassco Super Heroes and Villains”