BHoF: Icons and All-Stars

Hosted by Emcees Ernie Von Schmaltz and Victoria DeVille, BHoF Weekend Closed with Performances by BHoF All Stars!  View the Full Shoot HERE Ernie Von Schmaltz and Victoria DeVille Miss Indigo Blue Ray Gunn Dirty Martini Roxi D’Lite Michelle L’Amour Stephanie Blake Tigger! LouLou D’vil  View the Full Shoot HERE

Wasabassco: Naked Detective

Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY April 23, 2015 Wasabassco Mystery Hour presents: The Case of the Falling Starlet sponsored by… Pasties! With Nasty Canasta as The Naked Detective and Sapphire Jones as her helpful housegirl. Also starring BooBess, Cecilia Roux, Doc Wasabassco, Gal Friday, Hazel Honeysuckle, Mala Morrigan, Man Candy, Sydni Deveraux and Tigger! Full NSFWContinue reading “Wasabassco: Naked Detective”

The Loves of Aaron Burr

The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry and Binding a film by Camilla Huey Follow Camilla on Facebook to get the latest about the film Film Preview May 7, 6pm Bard Graduate Center, 38 West 86th St, New York 10024 $25 RSVP Drawing connections between her own interpretive work and the historic corsetsContinue reading “The Loves of Aaron Burr”

Twin Peaks

Pink Room Burlesque’s Twin Peaks: An Invitation to Love. March 6, 2015 Parkside Lounge, NYC. Hosted by Schaffer the Darklord; Performances by: Amelia Bareparts, Anja Keister, Legs Malone, Miz Margo “The Flying Fox”, Ruby Valentine & Francine “The Lucid Dream” – Petite Renard Kitten. Special appearance by Matt Wolfe An Invitation to Love: Valentine’s DayContinue reading “Twin Peaks”

Nelson Lugo

Nelson Lugo’s Gathering the Magic – Feb 8, 2015 at The Tank Theater. Directed by Paige Blansfield, additional material by Richard Lovejoy, Magic Consulting by Richard “Glenn” Laufenburger. Full Shoot HERE ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Full Shoot HERE

Wasabassco Super Heroes and Villains

January 23, 2015 was the annual meeting of W.A.S.A.B.A.S.S.C.O. – the World Accord for Superhero / Archenemesis Balance And Stability Striptease Co-Operative – as they paired up the newest stark-naked supervillains who will menace this fair city with the brave heroes who will bare all to keep the streets safe! Starring Nasty Canasta, Sydni Deveraux, DangrrrContinue reading “Wasabassco Super Heroes and Villains”

Wasabassco 10th Anniversary

The 13 hour extravaganza that was the Wasabassco 10th Anniversary was indeed spectacular! Doc hosted quite the party, complete with food trucks, live bands, photo booth with Ellen Stagg, and hour upon hour of the best burlesque in NYC and North America!! Performers: Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, BooBess, Jenny C’est Quoi, Chris Harder, Red Herring, DollyContinue reading “Wasabassco 10th Anniversary”

NYBF 2014 Golden Pasties

September 28, 2014. The NYBF hosted The Golden Pasties at the Highline Ballroom. Hosted by Bastard Keith, Tunes provided by DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness. Performers included: VAL VALENTINE, PERLE NOIRE & GIN MINSKY (NYC), LITTLE BROOKLYN (NYC), MINNIE TONKA (NYC), LOU HENRY HOOVER (SEATTLE), PEEKABOO POINTE (NYC), KITTY LITTEUR (AUSTRALIA), BURGUNDY BRIXX (CANADA), BETTIE BLACKHEART (HELSINKI), RUBENESQUE BURLESQUE (OAKLAND, CA), MISS VAMPFIRE (ITALY), CALAMITY CHANG (NYC), THEContinue reading “NYBF 2014 Golden Pasties”

NYBF 2014 Premier Party

The Pontani Sisters and Thirsty Girl Productions present The New York Burlesque Festival, hosting burlesque, boylesque, and acrobatic acts from around the world! Albert Cadabra Hosted and DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness provided the thumpin’ bass at Brooklyn Bowl. Performers included: MAXI MILLIONS (AZ), ELLE DORADO (NEW ORLEANS), DOLORES DAQUIRI (AUSTRALIA), JONNY PORKPIE (NYC), MENA DOMINA (NM), SYDNI DEVERAUX (NYC), SAUCIContinue reading “NYBF 2014 Premier Party”

NYBF 2014 Teaser Party

Last night kicked off the New York Burlesque Festival’s 12th year at The Bell House in Brooklyn. The World Famous BOB Hosted. DJ Momotaro provided the tunes. Performers: DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA (NYC), PERLE NOIRE (NYC), RED HOT ANNIE (CHICAGO), MISS MINA MURRAY (BOSTON), ANNA EVANS (NYC), FRANK DOGGENSTEIN (HELSINKI), FRANCINE THE LUCID DREAM (NYC), GIN MINSKY, (NYC), BETTINA MAY (NYC), TINKER BELL (HELSINKI), AURORA BLACK (NYC), BIANCAContinue reading “NYBF 2014 Teaser Party”

Dances of Vice Burlesque Cruise

Dances of Vice is and entertainment company producing high-end vintage inspired events all around New York City. It is my pleasure to attend and shoot these events. They force me to be extremely familiar with my camera settings and quick to shoot. These girls move fast, and we’re all on a boat in the dark.Continue reading “Dances of Vice Burlesque Cruise”


Last night was the start of something wonderful! Stockholm Filly, Foxy Vermouth, Pearls Daily, and Lickitty Split made their debut as The Lean Mean Strip Machine! Their show was inspired by music from The Big Mean Sound Machine’s album, Marauders. They took the audience on a silent film style show of epic proportions. Expect amazingContinue reading “Marauders”

Mermaid Parade

    Last weekend I spent the day at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The day was beautiful and I had rented and borrowed some new lenses from Adorama and a friend. It was so much fun being able to get up close to the parade participants and take their photos. I was not attemptingContinue reading “Mermaid Parade”

NY Pinup Club

When I started my photography class, I really wanted to shoot burlesque performers and circus performers. The spectacle of it all was very attractive to me. I reached out to Wassabasco Burlesque because I wanted to shoot their Bathtub Gin Show, but they respectfully turned me down. I was finally able to shoot one ofContinue reading “NY Pinup Club”